The Great Transition


As you can, my blog is undergoing a great transition into Creative Homemaker’s Almanac, which was formerly Serenity‘s Musings.  I felt that that with a new year and with me having a new focus on life and a new profession in life, that my blog should grow with me as well.  So hence, you will see some changes here in the next few weeks as I give my blog a makeover.  This year, I hope to buy this domain as well as the layout/theme.  The domain is so very much cheaper then buy the layout/theme so that will definitely come first.

Here at Homemaker’s Almanac, we will not only continue to focus on my works of fiction and poetry but frugal Christian living and family, natural homeopathic products, cooking, DIY projects, and homemaking.  And whatever else I will throw into the pot.  I want to work more with the BlogHer network and their programs and do some product reviews as well.

So please excuse the mess in the next couple of weeks as I put together my blog to make it look fantastic!

You guys are the best!

Please stay tuned later today for another installment of the NaBloPoMo!

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6 thoughts on “The Great Transition

    • Hi! Long time no hear from! I hope things are going well for you and your family and you had a great Christmas and will have a prosperous and awesome New Year! Don’t be a stranger and stop by once in a while and say ‘hello’ :) Thanks!

      • Hi yeah things are going great i’m working on a couple of business ventures so very busy lol christmas was hectic so had a quite new years eve sorry for my lack of chatting i promise to chat more :) and your welcome

      • Hey. I hope those business ventures pan out for you. I cannot wait to see what they are :) Yes, we should set aside to chat and catch up sometime. It’s been far too long. Take care.

      • thank you so do i im planning on selling female clothing and male clothing here i have posted some items on my new page :) yes i would like that alot time to catch up its been far to long take care

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